So many times I find myself searching for the right words to share at the end of class. I wonder what the right message should be? needs to be? in this moment to address or bring into focus all that’s happening in the world. But I’ve realized that thinking in terms of right and wrong […]

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Life’s One Certainty

Natural Disastrous, terrorist attacks and serious illnesses have a tendency to bring the reality of death closer to the forefront of our thoughts. This pandemic is no different, yet death is the one, actually the only certainty we have in life.  Knowing that certainty we still try our damndest to outsmart, out run and, medically […]

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This is the time…

This is a time, more than ever to stand directly in your humanity so that you may recognize the humanity in others. Engage in honest conversations around the emotions arising inside of you. Know you are not alone. …To see the lessons in the fear and uncertainty that surround us. To move inward and make […]

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What Are the Chances?

Did you know…the odds of YOU, yes YOU being born when and where you were born, to the parents you were born to and with your exact DNA and energetic makeup is 1 in 400 Trillion. Yes that is correct…1 in 400,000,000,000,000. (Mel Robbins TedxSF Talk) Dang! That’s a heck of a lot of zeros!! […]

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Get Uncomfortable

It’s time we get uncomfortable. Here is a time, recently when I allowed myself to be uncomfortable. I was walking through a tall field of dying grass with my dog, Izzee and found a place to lie down. I thought I would be protected from the wet ground by lying on an area of flattened […]

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From New Year’s resolutions to New Year New You programs and all the hubbub over fixing, reinventing, and creating a different version of you. No wonder there’s so much anxiety, self-hate and judgment in the world.  There is nothing to ‘fix’ or ‘reinvent’. There is no need for a NEW you. There is nothing wrong with […]

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Dodge The Swatter

*The patio bee ・Tasting the apple cin muffin ・Dodge the red swatter* Don’t we all have moments of dodging swatters (input any other word for swatter that works for you) while seeking something we desire? What we need to ask ourselves is, is what we desire/want what we need? Need to grow. Need to learn. […]

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Obstacles along one’s path are inevitable. It’s how we choose to manage those obstacles that matters. One day a while back while attempting to go hiking with my #1 girl Izee, we came across more than one in my obstacle. Obstacles that had us pause, pivot and try again. We were planning on hiking this one […]

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Drinking = Norm?

Why is it that our society is so quick to judgmentally ask “why aren’t you drinking?” like asking, “what’s wrong with you (for not drinking)?” but yet we never ask, “Why are you drinking?” When did drinking become such a normalized standard? I am not even going to address the effects of alcohol on the […]

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