Dodge The Swatter

*The patio bee ・Tasting the apple cin muffin ・Dodge the red swatter*

Don’t we all have moments of dodging swatters (input any other word for swatter that works for you) while seeking something we desire?

What we need to ask ourselves is, is what we desire/want what we need?

Need to grow.

Need to learn.

Need to heal.

Need to be healthy.

The answer is ‘not likely’. But you see, unlike bees, we humans can deduce, reason, make excuses, find logic and even talk ourselves in or out of doing, saying, acting in ways that do not serve us. Serve our highest good and well-being that is and the highest good of all others.

So the next time you find yourself dodging a swatter of any sort….stop to ask…is what I am seeking a desire/want or a need? Be honest…at least with yourself.

Coffee & conversation with Stephanie at Twin City Hive

Haiku written by Deanna dzybon and Stephanie Pearson while sitting outside drinking coffee, sharing in conversation and keeping a keen eye on the stingy bee flying around.

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