Inner Working of the Mind

This is a time of introspection.▪️A time to look closely at the inner workings of the mind.▪️A time to engage with the rawness of your heart.▪️Merging them together.▪️Shifting beliefs.▪️Letting go of what no longer serves you ▪️Ending that chapter of your story.▪️Opening doors.▪️Holding true to your power.▪️Leaning into patience.▪️Stepping closer to your edge.▪️Reprogramming the programmed.

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There is Nothing to Fix

Once you acknowledge the permanent impermanence of the world. Once you accept that all you ever really have is this moment. Once you begin to grow the intimacy within and let go of the duality of good and bad. You will step into the knowing that there is really nothing to fix.

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